Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA - NOAA)

Data provided by:National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Data accessibility:Visualización de datos (ej. web SIG o monitoreo en tiempo real)
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File type:webmap
Data type:Datos sobre amenazas específicas
Disaster cycle phase:Gestión des Riesgo por Desastres, Respuesta, Recuperación
Space-based Information:ERMA® is an online mapping tool that integrates both static and real-time data, such as Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps, ship locations, weather, and ocean currents, in a centralized, easy-to-use format for environmental responders and decision makers
Spatial coverage:Northern America
Temporal coverage:Archivado, Casi en tiempo real
Technical Specifications:
Contact:ERMA contact
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Citation guidelines: http://gomex.erma.noaa.gov/citation.html