International Charter issues new Newsletter

The Newsletter provides information about recent facts

With the aim of providing information on recent Charter activations, news, events and related activity, the "International Charter: Space and Major Disasters" has issued its latest newsletter with the following topics:

  • Floods in Germany in June: The article overviews the floods suffered by Germany in June 2013 and the important role that radar and optical satellites played on the disaster management
  • RADARSAT-1 ends 17-year run mapping the planet: The RADARSAT-1 was an Earth Observation satellite launched in 1995 that has provided crucial information in the fields of cartography, ice studies and observation, hydrology, oceanography, agriculture and forestry.
  • Charter On-Call Officers met in Berlin: Dedicated article to inform about the Emergency On-Call Officers (ECO) meeting and ECO's main functions and tasks
  • Landsat Data Continuity Mission launched: the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) was launched on February 2013 to continue the earth observation series of the Landsat Program

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