Astrium: Seeking a non-European partner for GO-3G

For its newest geostationary Earth Observation satellite, GO-3G, the European aerospace company Astrium is seeking for a non-European partner, as SatelliteToday reported.

According to reports, Astrium is reaching out to countries outside of Europe to help finance this venture. The company has indicated that Singapore could be one of the possible countries interested in the GO-3S. To entice possible partners, Astrium is offering dedicated capacity and share of revenue from services derived from the satellite.

The GO-3S will cover approximately one quarter of the Earth’s surface with a 3-meter resolution and a picture rate of five images per second. According to Astrium, the satellite could potentially be capable of directing its field of observation to a target zone in just a few minutes to transmit images and video to the ground in real time. The satellite will feature a mirror about 4 meters in size that can observe 60 x 60 miles areas. Additionally the GO-3S, expected to have a lifespan of 15 years, will be able to provide 14 hours of uninterrupted coverage per day.

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