Space Sustainability: Practical Guide published by SWF

"Space Sustainability: A practical guide"

Secure World Foundation (SWF), an NGO that envisions the secure, sustainable and peaceful uses of outer space contributing to global stability on Earth, recently published an updated version of a practical guide on space sustainability.

Satellites provide tangible social, scientific, strategic and economic benefits to billions of individuals throughout the globe. From satellite navigation to weather forecasting, from treaty verification to the management of Earth’s resources, international dependence on the benefits derived from outer space has steadily expanded and will continue to grow. Yet, issues such as space debris, increased crowding in key orbits or radio frequency interference threaten these benefits.

This practical guide to space sustainability provides an introduction connecting our current use and reliance on space, the issues that jeopardize that use, and the historic and ongoing activities underway to help ensure that all humanity can continue to use outer space for peaceful purposes and socioeconomic benefit now and in the long-term. This edition of the booklet contains new sections on radio frequency communications and current international space sustainability initiatives.

The publication is freely available on SWF's website.

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