ISPRS WG VI/4 - ISRS Joint International Workshop: Multinational Geomatics Capacity Building – Achievements and Challenges

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Indian Institute of Remote Sensing




07/04/2011 to 08/04/2011

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ISPRS established in 1910, completing 100 years of professional service and devoted to the development of International cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry, remote sensing and Spatial Information Sciences and their applications.

Workshop Themes

  • Geomatics training and Education in India and International Level
  • Cross Border Education initiatives and achievements;
  • Institutional and legal frameworks at national and International level
  • Distance and e-learning capacity building initiatives and outreach in India and International level; and
  • Best Practices of Joint International Education Programs
  • Free and open source geomatics resources and tools for education and training
  • Promotion of the Profession to Young People (The Student Consortium)




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