Planetary boundaries and the post-2015 agenda

Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Gesellschaft (GIZ)

Tue, Feb 11 2014
The environmental challenges facing us today are alarming. Climate change, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, chemical pollution, freshwater depletion – all these issues affect the earth´s life-supporting system. Recent research by an international team of scientists showed that the fundamental processes and functioning of the earth’s system limit human activities. The concept known as ‘Planetary Boundaries’ comprises an analysis of the challenges presented by human-induced global change. In addition, it attempts to outline a ‘safe operating space’ for human activities. 
At the same time, the international discussion on a post-2015 agenda is gaining momentum. By September 2014, a group of 70 countries is expected to propose a set of Sustainable Development Goals to the United Nations General Assembly. By September 2015 a final post-2015 agenda is to be agreed.
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