!CANCELLED! Expert Group Meeting to Kick-off the Regional Cooperative Mechanism on Disaster Monitoring and Early Warning, Particularly Drought

Tue, Mar 15 - Thu, Mar 17 2011



The Regional Cooperative Mechanism on Drought Monitoring and Early Warning, Particularly Drought (the Mechanism) was officially launched under the Regional Space Applications Programme (RESAP) in September 2010.

The Intergovernmental Consultative Committee (ICC), the decision-making body of RESAP, at its 14 th session in December 2010 decided, that:

  1. The APSCO Secretariat would be the Secretariat of the Mechanism;
  2. Macao, China, assisted by the Typhoon Committee Secretariat, would be the node for flood, with the overall correspondence and representation to be carried out by the main Secretariat;
  3. PITA would be the sub-regional node for the Mechanism in the Pacific;

With the APSCO Ministerial Council having approved the hosting of the Mechanism at its fourth meeting on 25-27 January 2011 in Pattaya, the Kick-off meeting will deliberate on the work towards operational implementation and modalities of the Mechanism, its Secretariat and her nodes will be formalized for the operations of the Mechanism.

The meeting will review the national disaster situation, with emphasis on the information gaps to be filled by the regional drought information database to support the operation of the Mechanism.

  • Major concerned disasters of the region and the countries;
  • National profile of drought: historical; geographical; economic and social impacts; vulnerabilities; national institutional structure;
  • National technical and institutional capacities on drought management, particularly those supporting integrated analysis of space- and ground information for general monitoring of drought events and detailed analysis for drought risks;
  • National and regional information system for drought management.

The meeting will also review the information needs of national stakeholders on drought management, as well as space data services at the national level to be planned and started to enable general monitoring and dedicated services.