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SERVIR is an international collaboration sponsored by NASA and USAID to provide solutions for environmental monitoring and decision support in developing regions around the world, using satellite remote sensing and other geospatial data. It integrates satellite observations, ground-based data and forecast models to monitor and forecast environmental changes and to improve response to natural disasters.

SERVIR enables scientists, educators, project managers and policy implementers to better respond to a range of issues including disaster management, agricultural development, biodiversity conservation and climate change. SERVIR also hosts a web portal to make available previously inaccessible geospatial information such as satellite data, national map layers, and in-situ measurements.It has 3 regional offices:

  1. SERVIR Africa - The mission of SERVIR Africa is "enable the use of Earth observations and predictive models for timely decision making to benefit society".
  2. SERVIR Latin America - Its area of expertice is the generation of information for environmental management and disaster support by using satellite imagery and other data sources.
  3. SERVIR Himalaya - Its main purpose is to improve environmental decision-making in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya (HKH) region through dissemination and analysis of earth observation information.

For further information visit: SERVIR