Global Geospatial Conference 2012

GSDI Association

GEOIDE Network

Mon, May 14 - Thu, May 17 2012

The joint GSDI World Conference (GSDI 13), GEOIDE Annual Scientific Conference (GEOIDE 2012), Canadian Geomatics Conference (CGC 2012) and 3DGeoInfo (2012) will take place in historic Québec City, Canada at the Québec City Conference Center in the heart of the city. Primary partners in organizing this conference include the GSDI Association and GEOIDE.

The theme for this conference is Spatially Enabling Government, Industry and Citizens.

Geographic information technologies and spatial data infrastructure play critical roles in allowing governments, local communities, non-government organizations, the commercial sector, the academic community and common people to make progress in addressing many of the world's most pressing problems. Further, use of spatial data in conjunction with mobile technologies is becoming pervasive within many nations. While mapping and spatial data infrastructure development was previously accomplished only by governments, this is no longer the case. All sectors of society are becoming spatially enabled and contributing to the development of the global spatial data infrastructure. Whether using hand-held devices incorporating phones, cameras, GPS, maps and location services or using sensors and wireless communications embedded within our homes, offices, stores, vehicles and along our travel paths, citizens are helping to build the next generations of spatial data infrastructure through their contributions of location and descriptive data.

This conference will explore the complementary roles of government, private industry and the academic community in realizing better means for sharing geographic data and technologies and developing improved location-based services for meeting real world needs.

Québec City is a dynamic city rich in contrast and color, you'll find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture here. We invite you to come and engage yourself in intellectual exchange with leaders and experts in the geospatial industry.


Québec City Conference Center
Québec City