Regional training for the arid region of Western Asia

UN-SPIDER conducted a training programme on Combatting Disaster in Arid Regions Using Space-Based and Geospatial Technologies from 18 to 20 February 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey. The event was the first attempt of broadening UN-SPIDER efforts to include countries in a vast swath of arid regions in Asia and North Africa, and to increase awareness of the need for space technology to combat disasters in the context of a changing climate and growing populations. The programme was jointly organised with Delta State University, a Regional Support Office of UN-SPIDER.


18/02/2020 to 20/02/2020

Title of training: 

Combatting Disaster in Arid Regions Using Space-Based and Geospatial Technologies

Target group: 

A total of 22 participants from 11 countries attended the training. They included participants from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Armenia, Turkey and Egypt and experts from UN-SPIDER, Delta State University, the Iranian Space Agency, the International Centre for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas (Egypt) and AFAD (Turkey).

Training profile: 

The objectives of the training were to explain the role of technology in disaster management; match data requirements to potential data sources; list major space agency partners and the platforms available for disaster management support; identify free resources for creating map products; identify stakeholders involved in disaster management and describe the customization of map products to meet needs; and create a map product for a given disaster risk reduction and/or response scenario.


Participating UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office: 

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