Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base: “What are the basics? What background information do I need?”
In-depth information and guides

The Knowledge Base holds guides on technologies, Disaster risk management, emergency response and health support. The technology guides offer background information on satellite technology and specific characterictics of satellite missions (including Earth Observation, communication and navigation and positioning satellites), while the disaster and risk management guides provide information about policies and procedures concerning the management of different disaster types. Health support guides focus on the application of space technology in disaster medicine.

The Knowledge Base is meant to supply people involved in disaster risk management and emergency response with basic knowledge and background information outside operational situations. The knowledge gained about the application of satellite technology will benefit the decision making process in the event of a disaster and especially for disaster management policy and emergency planning. Knowledge of technological background and of best practices is also useful for the development of mitigation and preparedness strategies.

The Knowledge Base is complemented by a directory of institutions whose activities are related to disaster risk management and emergency response and the use of space technology.