UN-SPIDER present in the 19th General Assembly of the International Civil Defence Organization

The International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO) conducted its 19th General Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, on 1 – 2 November 2010. Congregating 50 Member States mainly from Africa and Asia, and 16 countries as Observers, the General Assembly offers an opportunity for Member States to exchange impressions regarding advances in activities related to civil protection and to explore synergies to increase the capacity of its Member States and other countries in the area of civil defence. 

The 19th General Assembly was used by the Secretary General, Mr. Nawaf Al Sleibi, to present results regarding a variety of activities conducted by ICDO in areas such as capacity building; demining activities in Nicaragua; humanitarian projects in Serbia, Lebanon, and Haiti; and dissemination activities including the newly updated website as well as the International Civil Defence Journal. 

UN-SPIDER was invited to make a presentation and took the opportunity to highlight its efforts concerning knowledge management, the Knowledge Portal, and the SpaceAid mechanism. During the event, staff from UN-SPIDER took the opportunity to meet with Mr. Al Sleibi and other high ranking members of the Permanent Secretariat of ICDO to explore synergies in areas related to capacity building with a particular emphasis in Africa and Asia. In addition, the opportunity was used for UN-SPIDER to establish links with representatives of several Members States of this International Organization.


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