NASA Administrator launches SERVIR-Himalaya Programme with ICIMOD in Kathmandu

The SERVIR-Himalaya system is being launched today, 5th October, by Mr. Charles F. Bolden Jr., NASA Administrator, and Mr. Michael Yates, Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator of USAID in Kathmandu. The SERVIR programme is designed to build the capacity of countries to use earth observation and geospatial information technologies in different regions around the world. The improved scientific knowledge will benefit disaster management, biodiversity conservation, transboundary air pollution monitoring, snow and glacier monitoring, and mountain ecosystem management. In the context of achieving these common goals, USAID, NASA, and ICIMOD have joined hands to work together to establish SERVIR-Himalaya as the third regional SERVIR operational facility. SERVIR-Himalaya will be a key milestone in providing innovative solutions that integrate earth observation with geospatial tools for informed action and decision support in the areas of environmental and natural resources management in the region. SERVIR will fine tune its applications and customise them in order to provide decision support in priority areas such as cryosphere monitoring, disaster, land cover and transboundary air quality. 

Source: ICIMOD, Physorg

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