5th International Training Course on Climate Risk Management in a Changing Environment

Event Organisers: 

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)

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19/08/2013 to 28/08/2013

Training Target Audience: 

The “International Training Course on Climate Risk Management (CRM-05)” offers a unique and timely opportunity for development and disaster risk reduction practitioners from: The Government, international organizations, UN agencies, NGOs, civil society organizations, private sectors and others to enhance knowledge, expertise and skills on Climate Risk Management enabling them to face this challenge.

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Climate change and its impacts have become one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century. Climate-related risks, whether concurrent or prospective need to be addressed swiftly as part of the development strategy at any level, from a global level down to a local level.

With an upward growth trend in urban centers, population expansion and industrialization in both developed and developing countries, policy makers need to ensure resilience of development to the possible exacerbation of risks from hydro-meteorological hazards due to climate change.

However, understanding the science of climate change and potential interventions and their integration into development policies and practices has become a challenge for development and disaster risk reduction practitioners. The course will illustrate climate risk management in urban and rural settings focusing on the sector challenges.

The course participants will be guided through a number of interactive sessions that will enable them to acquire scientific knowledge to assess climate risks and reduce climate risks strategically through: climate risk management planning, implementation and mainstreaming climate risk management into development policies and programs at different levels. Broadly, the course intends to harmonize climate risk management, disaster risk reduction and development planning to enable a holistic approach for sustainable development.

Training Requirements: 

All teaching and reference materials are in English. Participants must be fully conversant in English. Participants are asked to participate fully in all of the above course activities. Certificates will only be awarded to participants who complete all course requirements.

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