GIS and Remote Sensing Software

Title Software type Costs Computer System
USGS Global Vs30 Map Server Tool/Converter Free
USGS GloVis Web processing (cloud computing) Free Online
USGS Land Data Operational Products Evaluation Crowdsourcing/VGI Free Windows, MacOSX, Linux
USGS LandsatLook Viewer Web processing (cloud computing) Free Online
USGS Spectral Viewer Tool/Converter Free Online
USGS US Seismic Hazard 2008 Web processing (cloud computing) Free Online
Ushahidi Crowdsourcing/VGI Free Online
Water Observation and Information System (ESA Tiger) Tool/Converter Free Windows
WEPP Water Erosion Prediction Project Tool/Converter Free Windows
Whitebox Geospatial Analysis Tools Desktop GIS Free Windows, MacOSX, Linux
Xulu eXtendable Unified Land Use modelling platform Tool/Converter Free MacOSX
zigGIS Extension Free


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