7th Conference "International Day for Disaster Reduction"

Event Organisers: 

Portuguese Government
Municipality of Amadora

Venue City: 



Auditório Recreios da Amadora



Language of event: 

The International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), has as a main objective a reflection about natural disasters.   For 2012, the Conference "International Day for Disaster Reduction" will give special attention to the issue of risk, disaster and community resilience, basic concepts of the UNISDR Local Campaign 2010-2015 "Sempre em Moviment, Amadora é Resiliente" which develop a set of good practices to increase the community resilience.

The event will also highlight the theme "Women and Girls - The Invisible Force of Resilience" proposed by the UN for the annual International Day for Disaster Reduction.

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