2nd International Conference on Disaster Management and Human Health

Time and Duration
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Basic Information
11/05/2011 - 13/05/2011
University of Central Florida
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Wessex Institute of Technology, UK and University of Central Florida, USA

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It will help participants to understand the nature of global risks, learn risk management strategies to prepare for disruptive events, and identify the best prevention methods in Disaster management and public health. It will provide a forum for the exchange of information between leading academics and partners in disaster management.

Conference Topics

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Risk mitigation
  • Natural disasters
  • Man-made disasters
  • Learning from disasters
  • Disaster analysis, monitoring and mitigation
  • Global risks and health
  • Pandemic and biological threats
  • Surveillance and early warning systems
  • Public health preparedness
  • Socio-economic issues
  • Service sustainability