UN/Moldova/USA/ESA Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems


17/05/2010 to 21/05/2010


UN/Moldova/USA/ESA Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems

The technology of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) is currently being used in a wide range
of sectors including but not limited to: mapping and surveying, monitoring of environment, agriculture and
natural resources management, disaster warning and emergency response, aviation, maritime and land

The United Nations/Moldova/ United States of America workshop on the applications of GNSS
will be held in Chisinau, from 17 to 21 May 2010. It will address, inter alia, the space technology
applications such as: remote sensing, precision agriculture, aviation, transport and communications, and elearning. The workshop will aim at initiating pilot projects and strengthening the networking in the region.
This workshop will also address the areas of natural resources management and environmental monitoring by applying GNSS technologies to thematic mapping, forest management and water resources management.


The Workshop will contribute to international cooperation by providing opportunity to exchange
updated information on the use of GNSS technology.
The specific objectives of the workshop are to:
• update on-going activities related to the use of GNSS technology in participating countries;
• enhance institutional and human capacity on utilizing GNSS technology using case studies,
lessons learned, and experiences from other countries;
• identify the specific needs of individual plans and projects on GNSS at the regional and
international levels for near-, medium-, and long-term applications, taking into consideration the
local institutional settings, including specific training and capacity-building needs;
• develop a regional plan of action that would contribute to the wider use of GNSS technology and
its applications, including the possibility of one or more national or regional pilot projects, or
both, in which interested institutions could incorporate the use of GNSS technology.

Expected Outcomes

• Recommendations on discussed topics;
• Preliminary agreement of regional cooperation between countries in the region and the
reference station networks, such as EUPOS and EUREF;
• Action plan addressing identified issues/concerns.

Sponsorship of the workshop

The Office for Outer Space Affairs of the United Nations, the Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre
of the Republic of Moldova are responsible for organizing the workshop. The United State of America through
the ICG is co-sponsor of the workshop. Sponsorship of the workshop still open to interested entities.

Expected participants

The Workshop is being planned for a total of 80 participants including policymakers, decision makers
and senior experts from the following groups: international, regional, national and local institutions, United
Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, research and development institutions, and also from

Participation requirements

Participants should be in senior managerial or decision-making responsibility at governmental
agencies, national and regional institutions, non-governmental organizations or industry. Equally qualified
female applicants are particularly encouraged.

Language of the Workshop

The working language of the Workshop will be English.

Financial support

Within the limited financial resources available, a limited number of selected participants will be
offered financial support to attend the Workshop. This financial support will defray the cost of travel (a round
trip ticket – most economic fare – between the airport of international departure in their home country and
Chisinau, Moldova) and/or the room and board expenses during the duration of the Workshop.

Deadline for Submission of Applications and Abstracts

The completed application form together with the presentation abstract, properly endorsed by the
applicant's Government/ institution, should be mailed to the Office for Outer Space Affairs, United Nations
Office at Vienna, Vienna International Centre, P.O. Box 500, A-1400, Vienna, Austria, no later than Friday,
5 March 2010. The applicant may also submit his/her application through the Office of the Resident
Representative of the United Nations Development Programme in the applicant’s respective country. In either
case an advance copy of the application form should be faxed directly to the Office for Outer Space Affairs to Ms. Ayoni Oyeneyin, Office for Outer Space Affairs, United Nations Office at Vienna, Fax: +43-1-26060-

Life and health insurance

Life/major health insurance for each of the selected participants is necessary and is the responsibility
of the candidate or his/her institution or Government. The co-sponsors will not assume any responsibility
for life and major health insurance, nor for expenses related to medical treatment or accidents.

Further Information and Contact Details

For information regarding the submission of nominations for attendance and funding, please contact
Ms. Ayoni Oyeneyin, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, at the above address and fax number or
at the following e-mail address: ayoni.oyeneyin [at] unvienna.org

For information regarding the programme, presentations/abstracts and speakers of the Workshop,
please contact Ms. Sharafat Gadimova, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs at the above address
and fax number or at the following e-mail address: sharafat.gadimova [at] unvienna.org

The focal point for Moldova will be Ms. Maria Ovdii, Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre of the
Republic of Moldova, E-mail: ovdii [at] agency.cadastre.md


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