Conference on Desertification and Land Degradation (DesertLand)

Hora y duración
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vie, 31/05/2013
Información básica
17/06/2013 - 18/06/2013
NH Hotel Gent Belfort
Organizadores del evento: 

UNESCO Centre on Eromology Gent University, International Center for Eromology, and Gent BC

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The Conference on desertification and Land Degradation 2013 (DesertLand) will act as a platform and a catwalk for showing actions that have been taken and projects undertaken since RIO 1992? (RIO+21) for combating desertification and land degradation!

Among the objectives of the DesertLand conference is taking stock of not only the current scientific knowledge but also of the current strategies of management of areas affected by drought (water scarcity) and by degradation of land (water erosion, wind erosion, physical and chemical degradation) and pastures, and this at a national, regional and community level. Downscaling is the issue!

As the DesertLand conference aims at attracting presentations of scientists, project leaders, NGO’s, communities, societies but also federal, local, governmental and private (profit or non-profit) organizations and sponsors, they are encouraged to present their work, activities, projects and products either by means of a (2m x 2m) stand (eventually with video presentation) and/or a poster (with 5’ oral presentation).