Disaster risk and vulnerability conference 2011




Mahatma Gandhi University


12/03/2011 to 14/03/2011

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The conference aims to bring together specialists, practitioners, academics, students and the public to a common platform. Discussions on disaster management, risk and reduction can lead to increased awareness of disasters and its various hues, strategies for resiliency, and newer technologies for disaster management. This is an important component of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which state that 'Disaster Risk Reduction and increasing resilience to all types of natural hazards in developing countries can have multiplier effects and accelerate achievement of the MDGs’.

The three-day conference provides an ideal venue for networking amongst disaster management enthusiasts, and the conference aims to throw up newer ideas that could go a long way in streamlining disaster management activities of the region.nation. The conference would be a premier event for disaster management professionals, scholars and students offering unique educational and operational knowledge sharing within the broad spectrum of disaster management.

Thematic Sessions

A. Science and facts of Disasters
B. Disaster Management and public administration
C. Disaster Response and Emergency Management
D. Technological Applications
E. Community Participation and Education
F. Cross-cutting themes


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