Tropical Cyclone in St Lucia

In St Lucia, the brunt of the storm was felt in the southern part of the island. The island experienced sustained winds of 90 - 95 mph which caused significant loss and damage to several houses and small commercial structures in communities. Altogether 110 houses in Roseau Valley have been reported with roof damage and severe flooding; in Bruceville, 45 houses have lost their roofs forcing 163 persons to accommodate in shelters. The area of Soufriere has been cut off by landslides and is currently inaccessible by land. Laborie has experienced severe flooding. The dam at Roseau is currently inaccessible, causing irregularity in the water service. Choc and Bois D?orange bridges have been destroyed between Castries and Gros Islet. The Northern section of the island encompassing Gros-islet and Castries has been severely affected by flood waters and strong winds. In the capital city of Castries, the flood waters have affected most businesses in the city and strong winds partially damaged the House of Assembly roof. Hewanorra airport is still closed.

Source: GLIDEnumber

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Tropical Cyclone in St Lucia
St Lucia
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