Floods in Ukraine


Mon, 01/03/2010

(...) "The peak of highest danger may start from the last ten days of March, but this doesn't mean that we should wait until then - we have to work in order to minimize those problems which we may face," Turchynov said.

At the same time, according to Turchynov, two weeks were assigned to conduct relevant checks on preparations for flooding in Ukraine "at the Housing and Communal Services Ministry, the Emergencies Ministry, the state committee for water resources, as well as the agencies of local government and populated areas."

Emergencies Minister Volodymyr Shandra, in turn, said that a total of 77 populated areas were flooded in Ukraine as of March 1.

According to him, the required measures have been conducted in the area of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant so as to prevent radionuclides from getting into the water.


Source: Kyiv Post

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