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Dominican Republic

Dominican Statistics Office (ONE)

The National Statistics Office (ONE) is the institution that controls the official statistics in the Dominican Republic since 1936.

Dominican Institute for Water Resources (INDRHI)

The Dominican Institute for Water Resources’ responsibility is to ensure citizens’ access to water in a healthy and equitable way and to organize efficiently the management of the water

Dominican Geological Survey of the National Secretariat for Industry and Commerce (SGN)

The geological Surveys are national organizations which guarantee an updated geological and environmental knowledge on the national territory of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Military Cartographic Institute (ICM)

Dominican Meteorological Office (ONAMET)

The Dominican Meteorological Office aims to develop, implement and provide meteorological services that are within the jurisdiction of the State.

Dominican Secretariat Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARENA)

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources is responsible for establishing standards for the conservation, protection, enhancement and restoration of the environment and natural resources, e

Dominican Secretariat for Public Health and Social Welfare (SESPAS)

The SESPAS is the Dominican Ministry of Health.

Dominican Division for the formulation of Territorial Ordainment and Development Policies and Plans (DGODT)

The DGODT is a governmental institution, part of the Economy, Planning and Development Secretary.

Dominican Republic National Emergency Commission (CNE)

The National Emergency Commission’s main goal is to ensure and appropriate response and management of disasters caused by floods, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, fires, shortage, inadequate

Dominican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SEREX)

The Dominican Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ mission is to promote a foreign policy in favour of the national interests of the Dominican Republic, oriented to the defence and safeguard of its s