Technical Advisory Support at UN-SPIDER

With the May 2012 issue of the UN-SPIDER Newsletter, we are introducing a new approach to UN-SPIDER Newsletters. Instead of just summing up recent activities, we present to you in each issue specific thematic areas within the framework of our activities.

The current issue portrays UN-SPIDER's advisory support activities. Have a look and find out about our Technical Advisory Missions, capacity building activities and the facilitation of technical support in countries all over the world including Myanmar, Cameroon or India. The issue also features an interview with Kamel Tichouiti from our Algerian Regional Support Office about the mitigation of the locust infestations that Algeria and Libya have recently experienced.





In this issue:

In focus

  • Technical Advisory Support and UN-SPIDER

Technical Advisory Missions

  • Myanmar: Gearing up to use space-based information
  • Tonga: Raising awareness and assessing capabilities

Technical Support

  • Algeria: ASAL mitigating locust infestations

Capacity Building

  • Mesoamerica: Using radar images
  • India: Training on the use of space technology
  • Cameroon: Following up on the Technical Advisory Mission

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